Dear Rustonians and Friends of Ruston,

Over the years many have asked whether there might be a way of providing copies of old Ruston Academy yearbooks to those who are interested in obtaining these.  My response to these requests over the past few years has been that we had a project underway that would allow us to respond positively to these requests. 

Many have come to wonder if “mañana” was ever going to come.  

It is thus with real pleasure and a sense of accomplishment that we present to you the results of the dedicated work of a small group of Rustonian volunteers who have made this moment possible.  If you are reading this message, you have in your computer a CD with a digitized collection of all available Ruston yearbooks. The first yearbook was published by the Class of 1940 and the last by the Class of 1960.

Copies have been made of each page of each book, and organized in an easy-to-use manner, so that you can more easily "thumb through", find and enjoy all those wonderful memories.

I know that Dad and Mother would have spent hours looking through this collection.  I hope that you too will spend many happy hours becoming reacquainted with this part of your life.  We dedicate this collection to the memories of two who dreamed the dream of Mr. Ruston and helped to make it a reality.


Chris Baker


Ruston-Baker Educational Institution






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